Ballot Ticket – 25 votes

Dazzle 2017 Ballot Ticket - 25 votes


Choose your favorite dancer and vote as often as you like!

If you purchase “Cast Your Vote Live” ballots, your ballot tickets will be held at the event for you and delivered to your table. You will cast your votes in-person for your favorite dancers.

If you purchase ballot tickets and will not be attending the event, we will cast your vote(s) based on your dancer selection(s) below on your behalf.

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In Young Audiences’ version of “Dancing With The Stars” YOUR vote will decide which competitor will win the ultimate prize, the YA Disco Ball Trophy!

There are two ways that you can purchase your ballots to vote for your favorite dancer(s) when you join us on April 22nd at Dazzle: Mad Hot Ballroom.  Ballots are $10 each (can be purchased in lots of 1, 5 10 and 25 and 50 for your convenience) and purchasing them is as easy as step, ball change!

Purchase ballots in advance by choosing your favorite dancer or combinations of dancers.  If you are not attending the event, your ballots will be added to your dancer’s ballot count.  If you are attending, purchase “Cast Your Votes Live” ballots and they will be held for you at the event and you can cast your vote live!

You can also purchase ballots at our Dazzle event on April 22nd. We accept cash, checks and the following credit cards – VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.

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Joanne Canady-Brown, Lew Gantwerk, D.A. Graham, Mark Murphy, Michele Siekerka, Cast Vote Live